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Scuttling in the crevices of every home are a variety of pests that seem to thrive on making the human inhabitants miserable. One of the most hated pests are cockroaches, which are almost impossible to eliminate. It does not matter how clean a house is; one inseminated female roach can explode into an infestation within a matter of weeks. Miniscule amounts of food, such as splattered grease, sugar that lands behind the cupboard or even glue is enough to keep the population going. Trails of ants crawling throughout the house, a single chirping cricket serenading you in the middle of the night and slugs eating up your prized garden are no fun either.

Borates have long been used as a
safer alternative to highly volatile,
synthetic chemical pesticides
(Photo: Nisus Corporation)

Pesticides are the easiest solution, but are not a pleasant option to users concerned about their pets or the birds that make the outdoors so enjoyable. This is where the Nisus Corporation comes into play. Based in Tennessee, Nisus manufactures a variety of environmentally friendly pest control products.

Their granular bait product, sold under the name “Niban”, works unlike other pesticides because it isn’t a real poison. Compared to table salt in toxicity, Niban actually works by altering an insect’s digestive process. After insects ingest Niban, they are unable to absorb the nutrients from the delicious glue, wood or table scraps they had been feasting on before, and starve to death. Humans, pets, birds, fish and amphibians who accidentally eat some of the granules are not affected.

The main ingredient in Niban is Boron, formulated with other ingredients that attract pests. According to Nisus, “Niban poses very low impact to the environment…since boron is already found in virtually all ecosystems…as the Niban granules dissolve, the borates simply become part of the background levels of boron [which is an essential micronutrient for plants and animals].”

Just because the bait is environmentally friendly, does not make it less effective: The Niban Jug just needs a quick shake to deposit the granules on the ground while you walk the perimeter of the building. Smaller granules are available for placement inside the smaller nooks and crannies inside the home. These granules can handle up to 4 inches of rain, are not prone to mold, and don’t degrade with exposure to the sun.

The ominous sound of the shaking Niban jug , should send pests running for the hills.

On a side note: Nisus also developed termiticides made with their patented Borate solution for pre-treatment of building areas. This is a greener alternative and provides long term protection against termites.

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  1. It’s pretty typical that various insects or termites may appear when a building has an environment that may seem ‘inviting’ to these bugs however without them in the world our balance would be thrown off…so although when unwanted they are a nuisance, we could not exist in balance without them.


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