New Chameleon Species Discovered in Tanzania

YORK, England, Nov. 25 (UPI) — British and African scientists say they have discovered a new species of chameleon in Tanzania in Eastern Africa.

The chameleon was first spotted by Andrew Marshall from the University of York while he was surveying monkeys in the Magombera Forest. The new species has been named Kinyongia magomberae — the Magombera chameleon.

“Discovering a new species is a rare event so to be involved in the identification and naming of this animal is very exciting,” Marshall said. “Chameleon species tend to be focused in small areas and, unfortunately, the habitat this one depends on, the Magombera Forest, is under threat. Hopefully this discovery will support efforts to provide this area and others like it with greater protection.”

The study of the new chameleon species that included scientists from the Museo Tridentino di Scienze Naturali, the South African National Biodiversity Institute, Anglia Ruskin University and the University of Stellenbosch appears in the African Journal of Herpetology.

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