25 Year Old Austrailian Man Saves Himself from Shark's Jaws with Punch to the Snout

ADELAIDE, Australia, Nov. 9 (UPI) — A 25-year-old Australian man grabbed by a shark says it released him when he punched it hard in the snout.

David Brougham, 25, was hospitalized with leg and arm injuries after being bitten by the shark during the weekend in waters south of Adelaide, the Australian Broadcasting Co. said.

Brougham was in the water spear fishing when the shark yanked on his leg.

“I turned around and just saw the big face looking at me,” he said. “It was unimaginable, just freaky, just seeing this big monster’s head just looking at you.”

Brougham said he punched the shark repeatedly and when it let go he swam for shore.

“I can’t believe that I’ve still got everything attached,” he said from his hospital bed at Adelaide’s Flinders Medical Center.

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