Lobster Destroyed with 600 Pound WWII Mine

SWANAGE, England, Oct. 9 (UPI) — The British Royal Navy said a lobster that took up residence in an unexploded World War II mine off the coast of England was destroyed with the explosive.

The lobster, nicknamed Lionel, was discovered inside the mine after divers alerted the Navy to the 600-pound German explosive off the coast of Swanage, England, the Daily Telegraph reported Friday.

The Royal Navy bomb disposal unit sent to take care of the more than 60-year-old mine discovered the crustacean living inside the mine and attempted to coax it out, but the lobster refused to leave and attempted to nip divers who came too close.

The bomb disposal team said they were left with no choice but to set charges to the mine with the lobster still inside. Lionel was destroyed in the explosion.

“Unfortunately, the bomb disposal unit has a job to do and it wasn’t possible to save Lionel,” a Portland coast guard spokesman said. “We’ve had a moment’s silence for him though because he was no doubt blown to smithereens in the explosion.”

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