Help Choose the National Wildlife Federation's Animal Face of Global Warming

Earlier this morning our community manager Kendall caught a tweet from the National Wildlife Federation that we felt deserved some more attention. The NWF is currently polling web site visitors for their choice of animal that they feel is the new face of global warming.

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To participate in the poll and provide the National Wildlife Federation with your input, simply check out these links…
• About the Contenders
• Voting Ballot

Included in the poll are…

• Sea Turtle: Fighting the Odds
Look at her go! Under normal circumstances only one out of a thousand sea turtle hatchlings make it to adulthood.

• American Pika: Small but Tough
The adorable American pika lives in the high-elevation mountain ranges of the western United States and needs the cold to survive. In fact, even moderate 75 degree days can cause the pika to overheat and die.

• Narwhal: The Mythical Giant
With its sword-like, spiral tusk, the narwhal is referred to as “the unicorn of the sea.” These mythical looking sea mammals dive deep beneath the ice to find food. In winter months, they frequently live beneath “pack ice”, and rely on thin narrow openings used as breathing holes.

• Moose: Symbol of Wilderness
In 1985, almost 4,000 moose called northwestern Minnesota home. Today there are only around 100 left.

• Polar Bear: Large and in Charge
According to a U.S. Geological Survey report, a polar bear cub now has less than a fifty percent chance of living to adulthood. And by 2050, it’s expected that two thirds of the world’s polar bear population may disappear if nothing is done to dramatically curb global warming. These majestic animals are faced with a habitat that is literally melting under their paws.

…be sure to click over, vote – and if you can afford to, donate to a great cause.

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