Giant Invasive Snakes Descend on South Florida

MIAMI, Oct. 14 (UPI) — South Florida is ground zero for giant invasive snakes, a report released by the U.S. Geological Survey concludes.

A 302-page risk assessment of nine species of reptilian invaders says it’s not just the warm, wet climate that makes Florida the most prone to reptilian invaders, The Miami Herald reports.

The report cites South Florida as a major hub for giant snake importers and breeders, placing the area at risk for both escapes and releases.

Zoologist Gordon Rodda of Fort Collins, Colo., co-authored the report with colleague Robert Reed, an invasive species scientist and herpetologist.

The pair analyzed the biological risks posed by nine species of giant snakes, including the green anaconda, the reticulated python, the Northern Africa python and the Indian or Burmese python.

While the risk to humans appears low, Rodda says the top five species all share traits that could upset the ecological balance and make the snakes difficult to eradicate.

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  1. Rise says:

    So…just how hard is it to say NO to people (including pet shops) to import ANY of these types of wildlife? Let’s just wait until it’s a BIG problem, ok?


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