NASA Highlights 49 Technologies and Innovations in 2009 Edition of "Spinoff"

WASHINGTON, Nov. 9 (UPI) — The U.S. space agency says it’s released the 2009 edition of “Spinoff,” which shows how NASA technology is being put to use in everyday life on Earth.

The 2009 edition highlights 49 examples of NASA innovations that have been transferred to the commercial marketplace, resulting in healthcare advances, transportation breakthroughs and new consumer goods, among other things.

Highlights of Spinoff 2009 include:

– Hubble Space Telescope scheduling technology is adapted to help hospitals handle dynamic rescheduling issues.

– A NASA-developed life raft used for recovering pioneer astronauts after ocean splashdowns is used to save more than 400 lives.

– Using NASA satellite data, WorldWinds Inc. supplies about 8,500 XM satellite radio subscribers with its FishBytes fish locator service, helping anglers target areas most likely to be frequented by their favorite types of sport fish.

Print copies of Spinoff are available on request at 301-286-0561. An online version is available at

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