Escaped Pony in Indianapolis Damages City Police Car

INDIANAPOLIS, Nov. 4 (UPI) — Indianapolis police said an escaped pony evaded injury when it slammed into a parked police cruiser at a “fast speed.”

The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police report of the incident said Officer Michael Agresta parked his car at a gas station to investigate reports of two escaped ponies darting in and out of traffic just after midnight Tuesday, the Indianapolis Star reported Wednesday.

Agresta wrote in his report that he and Officer Mikola Layton approached the ponies at the edge of a wooded area near the gas station and the horses became startled and ran toward the gas station at a “fast speed.”

One of the ponies headed straight for the squad car and attempted to stop, but slid on the surface of the parking lot “while sparks were flying off its hooves” and slammed into the car’s front bumper, Agresta wrote.

The report said the pony, which appeared uninjured, ran off with the other small horse.

The squad car incurred damage to its front bumper, door and headlights. Police said the owner of the ponies told them the animals are insured.

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