Cruelty Allegations Close Bushways Packing's Veal Slaughter Plant in Grand Isle Vermont

GRAND ISLE, Vt., Oct. 31 (UPI) — The federal government has closed a slaughter plant in Grand Isle, Vt., that allegedly abused veal calves, skinning one alive, authorities said.

Bushways Packing Inc. was closed Thursday after U.S. Department of Agriculture officials viewed video of calves, just days old, allegedly being kicked and repeatedly shocked with electric prods, The Burlington (Vt.) Free Press reported Saturday.

“The callous behavior and attitudes displayed in the video clearly appear to be violations of USDA’s humane handling regulations,” Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack said in a release Friday.

The video was taken during August and September by a member of the Humane Society of the United States working undercover as an employee at the plant, the society’s chief operating officer, Michael Markarian, said in a release.

In one scene, a calf kicks after having one of its feet cut off and in another a calf vocalizes while being skinned, its head almost severed, Humane Society officials alleged.

Frank Perretta, Bushway’s owner, denied any cruelty and said he had not seen the video, the Free Press reported.

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64 Responses to “Cruelty Allegations Close Bushways Packing's Veal Slaughter Plant in Grand Isle Vermont”
  1. ScarletDove says:

    This is not just violations, this is barbaric cruelty, much like what takes place in Mexican horse slaughter plants and in China in the way they slaughter cats, dogs and raccoon dogs for fur, etc. For this to be allowed in the US is horrible. What kind of people are doing these things to these young frightened animals. What they do to these little fellows should be done to them. And the owner did not see the video, he did not need to see the video, he knew what was being done, all for greed. Cruelty for greed, this is sick and disgusting.

  2. Rose says:

    It sickens me to know there are people in this world that treat animals this way. I hope family, friends and neighbors of these people at the plant bring these sickos to their senses! I’m glad the plant was shut down and hopefully the employees who have done these horrible acts are either fired or made to realize the pain and suffering they inflicted upon these creatures.
    These sub humans will pay the price for having brought about such suffering.

  3. marge says:

    Who could actually love these people…If my father, brother, whatever did that I would skin them alive myself. I also am sickened by these workesr and the USDA. They shouldn’t receive any unemployemnt benefits or compensation. The owner should be strung up from his heels for saying “he didn’t know”. Honestly how such monsters can live with themselves is beyond me. But I do believe what goes around comes around and they will pay for what they have done.

  4. Seven says:

    What surprises me is people love to have the food on their plates, but don’t understand or care what it takes to get it there. I vouch for the fact these “barbaric people” have hearts, and are not the monsters the media and the Humane Society are making them out to look like. They are doing the dirty job that no one wants to think about. Maybe the Humane Society should put up a front against seafood also now as well. Lobsters are boiled or steamed alive… the next time you are dipping that lobster meat in butter try to think about the way probably thrashed around in the pot as it cooked just moments before. If people really did care where their food came from there would be way more vegetarians out there. I am pretty sure people are not thinking or care about the slaughterhouses as they throw a couple of steaks, hot dogs, or burgers on the grill.

  5. packratz says:

    The comment by “Seven” is so off the wall!! The issue of “food on the table” and his remark “I vouch for the fact these “barbaric people” have hearts, and are not the monsters the media and the Humane Society are making them out to look like.” puts hime in the same camp as the “animals that perpetrate this barbarism! What a schmuck!!!

  6. Lisa says:

    Now who is the schmuck packratz. Are you in support of these workers? Maybe you should come back in your next life as a cow, and see what happens to you? Geez, I only wish the best for people like you.

  7. Lisa says:

    Sorry, I meant to say seven not packratz in my earlier comment.

  8. Sarah says:

    I hope every single person involved burns in hell.

  9. Barb says:

    Seven is definitely misguided. The “dirty work” of animal slaughter does not have to be barbaric and cruel. There are ways to slaughter animals that minimize their fear and pain. What happened at Bushway is unnecessary. I, too, hope the people responsible for this either rot in hell or come back in their next life as a farm animal raised for slaughter on a factory farm. Of course, I think it must be stated that the people who participate in this type of activity are extremely sadistic and mentally ill. Please keep in mind that most serial killers got their start torturing animals.

    I am happy, however, to know that people care. Maybe if we scream loud enough, long enough (and continue financially supporting HSUS so they can continue their work) the carnage and horror will stop. I stopped eating meat several years ago after HSUS released a video showing downer cows being abused. I need to stop using ANY products made from animals. I don’t want to support that industry. To all of you who care, thank you so much.

  10. DairyLuv says:

    Geesh, do you people believe everything you see and read? I in no way condone what was done at Bushway. I think it was right that they were shut down and I only hope that they can restructure, reorganize, rehabilitate – something and come back online as quick as possible. I agree with Barb that there are ways to slaughter animals that minimize their fear and pain.

    But have a little compassion for the people in Vermont. If that’s all they know and were never taught differently OR if that’s the only job they coulg get which may very well be the case – what would you do? Have you been to Vermont lately to see it economic viability? And I don’t mean to the ski resorts. It’s pretty sad.

    But Barb, you do scare me when you say you will continue to support HSUS financially. What do they really do besides pay their executives really well and exploit the bad apples that give the rest of us in animal ag a black eye? Just because you see that extremely unfortunate footage does NOT mean that all facilities are like that! And really, what does HSUS propose that we do differently that is a realistic option? You can’t just take a mulit-billion dollar industry, one of Vermont’s top industries, with families and communities reliant on it for nutritional sustenance, vocation and infrastructure and trash it with no alternative.

    Make no mistake. HSUS is more about raising money (for what?) and pushing their own agenda – a vegan one. Last I checked this was a free country, free to have the opportunity to choose what we want to eat for crying out loud.

    And by the way, Lisa, I’d love to come back as a cow at my farm.

  11. James says:

    “If that’s all they know and were never taught differently OR if that’s the only job they could get…”

    Are you actually being serious with that comment?

    People know the difference between right and wrong. Such is the case at hand. Some of the most awful actions were committed here by criminals who chose to act exactly how they did, when they knew it was wrong. No excuses!

    These criminals need to be punished by being behind bars, along with heavy fines that hurt.

  12. Seven says:

    I personally know the people involved, and I also know there is more to this story that is not shown on any video yet. Yes I do support them, and will keep doing so….was there somethings wrong yes, but the way the video is doctored together it is making it look like this was the everyday handling of the animals all day….NOT true. I hope for the sake of my friends the real truth comes out soon. Schmuck my ass…..I believe in what I know, and not a follower of the media.

  13. Business Nunya says:

    Seven, no amount of editing or spin you try to place on the situation will ever excuse the behaviour of these monsters. I don’t care if you think they are great people or not, a person with a heart and concious wouldn’t even participate in anything veal, it’s unusually barbaric and disgusting. I don’t care if I am condemning a whole small state to hell if that’s what it takes. It isn’t as though because mass amounts of people do something, that something must be ok. That also holds true just because you claim to know these people.

    I don’t care what people claim to eat, they contribute the suffering and butchering of others for a meal unnecessarily, ESPECIALLY babies. Those that would do this for any reason, and I don’t care how many people there are, are morally stunted.

  14. Pamela says:

    Hey Seven, you’re an sucker. These scumbags (that you are supporting) have been cited three times before. So MAYBE the torture doesn’t happen daily, but it happens often. Once is too much, period. There is no exuse for this behavior. Your friends, the big men that they are, clearly enjoy inflicting pain and suffering on the innocent and defenseless. Don’t you know that this is how serial killers get their start. Maybe your next on their list and you don’t even know it yet.

  15. lae says:

    I hope these disgusting, worthless, pieses of crap who abused these animals are made to suffer here on earth for the rest of their lives, as well as in hell afterwards. There is NO excuse whatsoever for what they did. I am so sickened by this, I haven’t been able to think of much else since this story broke. I wish the media would publish their names – I’m sure there are people out there who would make sure the dirtbags involved got exactly what they deserved.

  16. Grace says:

    I saw the report on TV and I’m so angry and disgusted. These losers who would do this to those days old calves have something wrong with them psychologically. They are sick! If this is how they treat animals, there’s no telling how they treat their children! This plant should be closed down permanently and those workers should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and this should be a wakeup call for everyone to not eat meat. Bless the Beasts and Children!

  17. Seven says:

    In a Time CNN online interview in 2008 with a man called Jason Smith, claimed to be an “animal rights investigator.” He was purported to be the one who supplied video that was used in the HBO documentary Death on a Factory Farm . In the interview, he admitted to being the instigator of some of the abuses that were on the video. He tried to justify his actions by claiming that it would expose those who were even more guilty than himself. He could well be defined as an agent provocateur. Truth is that the processor could not sell bruised meat. Line supervisors would have seen it and, if there had been more than a small amount, they would have investigated and corrected the problem. The bottom line is that bruised meat does not sell. If it does not sell, the company loses money. It is in the processor’s best interest to treat those animals well. The next time you see some provocative video like this, consider that it might well be made by some one with an axe to grind or an agenda to push. These folks have no problem with manipulating the truth.~Huck Carroll on another blog about this packing site……This was the same man who entered the VT plant

  18. Carrie says:

    Seven there is NO excuse you or anyone can make for these disgusting cruel and barbaric men. Obviously they are gravely mentally disturbed to find such pleasure and joy in torturing defenceless animals. Is this the only way they can prove their manhood? I believe in Karma. What goes around comes around. And I pray it comes around in a horrible way for all of them including the inspector that did nothing. These people have black hearts seven. I hope none have children. Do they go home and brag about what big tough men they are? Men like this actually have no balls. Angry cause they never made the football team???? I hope they all go to jail and their lives are ruined. I am sure they are the type that sit on the couch yelling for their wives to grab them a beer as they burp. Inhumane jerks!

  19. Diane says:

    It is beyond one’s comprehension that these tragic and barbaric acts of cruelty continue to be practiced and apparently enjoyed by individuals employed at the Bushway Packing Plant in Vermont and it’s owner. Unspeakable, horrific and heinous crimes should be punished, perhaps reciprocated on those who have caused such suffering. Here is the madness and evil in life, that such pleasure should be taken in the suffering of these calves. The Bushway Plant deserves no sympathy or pity, only public outrage. Aggressive legal measures should be taken in the court of law and the punishments should fit the crimes.

  20. Disgusted says:

    I saw this story last night and was appauled. I cannot believe that these animals were treated like this. I am disguted and ashamed that our goverment is not doing enough to rid this behavior. I hope these people burn in hell and I cannot imagine a person’s sense of mind to do that to an animal. I hope they burn in hell!

  21. CC says:

    These men displayed the most ruthless acts cruelly deliberately torturing these scared and intensely pained calves just to have fun? They displayed one of the meanest and most dispicable vices of which a human can be guilty of. They are one small step away from the child molesters and abusers. This is not the behavior of normal kind people we want as neighbors in our society. I hope with all our negative karma towards these low life scum what goes around comes around in a big way. I know in their small concious minds people like this always have an excuse for such horrific actions. I wish one would comment back on here and answer why they would get such a thrill out of causing such intense pain. The next time they reach for a bottle of tylenol to dull their pain let them think about the calf who had no chance to escape his. These gutless men show no fear against baby calves but put them in the middle of a war and they would cry like babies. I hope they have nightmares and no end to misery the rest of their lives and then let it continue when they meet the same God that made the animals.

  22. who the hell are you people that work in these horrible death chambers on innocent,defenceless animals that does deserve to live.god did not intend you idiot ,moron,careless,heartless whatever you are to hurt,torture and kill animals just so you can eat would you feel being treated that way?all animals are peoples best friends and deserves to be treated like you would want to be don’t just take innocent animals and slam them around,kick them because they are too scared to move,beat them and kill them in all the inhumane ways you do.what the hell is wrong with you people?why,because you get paid to do it?i don’t give a dam what your sad excuse is,but i hope someday you get treated the same way,and see how you like it you bunch of cowards.

  23. Terri says:


  24. Terri says:


  25. CC says:

    Hi Terri: I am a fellow Canadian. Those gutless men Would not even last an hour in Afganistan before they were bawling like those calves they tortured. Anyone who can so easily display such sub-human characters is not normal in any sense. My guess is that they all drive big trucks to Compensate for their lack of manhood. Them getting caught proves that Karma is at work already. Hopefully they get jail time and some hefty fines. Maybe even lose their homes. Obviously they never furthered their education so a new job with a criminal record will be harder to come by. Everytime we see one of these horrid films more and more people are turning away from meat products. Most of us have brought up our children to love, nurture and respect animals and we will not tolerates such jerks. I applaud you for bringing up a productive son Terri and wish him much luck.

  26. rumors says:

    I can say and am proud to say that I personally know the owner of this plant and he has owned another slaughter house in a different state and was brought up in a family that owned a slaughter house and nothing like this ever happened in that plant. So for all you people who like to believe everything you hear are rediculous. Owners aren’t always in the plant and don’t know what’s going on. Get the facts before you go off running your mouths. I’m not saying what was done here was right because its not its completely wrong but don’t always be quick to blame the owner he’s a good man.

  27. Valerie Martel says:

    Bushway Packers has to be shut down. Skinning alive day old calves is the worst inhumane treatment of animals to date. Enough is enough, shut them down!!!!!!!

  28. Valerie Martel says:

    moron,careless,heartless whatever you are to hurt,torture and kill animals just so you can eat would you feel being treated that way?all animals are peoples best friends and deserves to be treated like you would want to be don’t just take innocent animals and slam them around,kick them because they are too scared to move,beat them and kill them in all the inhumane ways you do.what the hell is wrong with you people?why,

  29. Valerie Martel says:

    People know the difference between right and wrong. I am disguted and ashamed that our goverment is not doing enough to rid this behavior.

  30. mary ann lajoie says:

    STop it now. This is unbelievable cruelty to feeling little animals that feel pain and fear. You know that , you”big guys” who are doing this. Stop it now and begin to become a kind human being. It is not necessary to torture and kill in these inhumane ways. If You notice, there are no women doing this kind of torture. You call yourselves men? Why would you want to torture a baby animal. I haven’t eaten Veal in 30 years since I heard of the crates, but this is the first time i see this other cruelty. These animals feel, you know it, now stop. ASk yourself, why and how you can do such a thing . This represents farmers of america????? Some have found organic ways to have farms and hire people. Look into it before you torture any more of these innocent babies. How can you and then Laugh??????????? a Farmer??????? .

  31. Seven says:

    I agree with rumors comment on here…..I am glad I am not the only one standing up for these guys. Before you personally know someone you should not be so quick to judge.

  32. Pamela says:

    How can you call that video a RUMOR? You think that while they were skinning those conscious calves, that they doctored the tape to show the calves squirming? HOW?!! As I said earlier, they have been cited three times before!!

    Michael Markarian, the society’s chief operating officer, said the three citations by federal inspectors at Bushway Packing Inc. occurred May 12, June 24 and July 1 and led to three one-day suspensions of operations at the plant.

    Here are the links:

    Do you think all of these various newspapers just made this up because they were bored!!?? I think after three citations, that Frank Perretta might say to himself “hmm, maybe I better check on things?!!” If he diidn’t know about this torture, he is either clueless or just stupid. How can you not know what’s going on at your own business. He is too stupid or ignorant and DOES NOT DESERVE TO BE IN BUSINESS.

  33. Seven says:

    FYI….I live in Vermont, and I know these people….including the owner. I grew up on a farm, and I have seen slaughter first hand….did you know if you cut the head off a chicken it still will run around? I was not saying anything about rumors I was commenting on a comment left by user name rumor… I said earlier myself I stand by these men and I am not a follower of the media, just what I know as fact. I have been call quite a few names here, and I don’t care. Slaughter is never a pretty job.

  34. Naomi says:

    Seven- you write like you are intelligent but the drivel that comes together makes you sound less than bright! There is no way that that video was “doctored” together. I understand that slaughter is not a pretty business but jesus the way these asses carry it out you would believe we still live in the stone age with cave men dragging there women around. I live in Vermont as well and grew up on a farm and I can surely tell you that if our cows were to be slaughtered they were not touched until there was no life left in their bodies and it was done with respect to the animal for all that it had and would provide for my family!!! I believe that that is all that we are asking of these people, to respect what and who they are doing this to. What I would like to know is how does the owner feel now??

  35. Pamela says:

    Seven, if you’re not a follower of the media, what are you doing on the internet? The internet is a medium. I think that you’re just as stupid as your friend Frank.

  36. Seven says:

    I am on the internet for the same reason as most people, but that does not I have to believe everything that is on here.

  37. NYCbadmusician says:

    I’ve read all the comments – and with compassion for you all – the reason these horrors exist is because people support it with every piece
    of meat they eat! Consider beginning to look at your lives – talk to the people in your family – and give it up – Try being Vegan – for your health, for the environment, for the animals -
    Peace, Jo

  38. CC says:

    NYC, Those men and what they did to those poor suffering creatures disturbed me on so many levels. I scraped the meat off my plate and vowed never again will I support such cruelty. My lovely daughter was as sicked as I at the thought of eating meat. we are both on a quest to learn how to go meatless. I have forwarded that clip to many friends. A few of them I am happy to say will be joining us. People…..please tell as many as you can about this horrid place and disgusting people that work there. Our going Vegan alone will shave hundreds of dollars in dirty profits. Everytime I see meat I see that calf being skinned alive. I cannot explain how deeply the sight and sounds disturbed me. These men not only need large fines and jail time but also councelling as they are surely not right mentally. Anyone having any great Vegan recipes or tips I would love to hear them.

  39. CC says:

    Seven??? Are you perhaps one of these men but to scared to say?

  40. sad says:

    “As long as humanity continues to be the ruthless destroyer of lower beings, we will never know health or peace. For as long as people massacre animals, they will kill each other. Indeed, he who sows the seed of murder and pain cannot reap joy and love” – Pythagoras

  41. ALSO NYC says:

    I read all the comments everyone has written, and I was very touched by the response of CC. As a life long vegan, I am now 71 – I wanted to pass along some sites for everyone to go to – – – and – you can get tips, recipes,
    and talk to others who are living compassionate life styles – Kindness does begin on your plate! My hope for the next generation is to be non-violent – vegetarian/vegan and to have a deep concern for the environment.

  42. CC says:

    Thank you NYC. I am very excited to check out those sites. Its a shame that only a small part of the population will have seen that film. I wish it could go on prime time TV as many more would choose to pet a cow rather than eat one.

  43. Seven says:

    LOL….No I am not one of the “men”…..I am a friend of theirs though, and besides I am a woman.

  44. ALSO NYC says:

    That video is on Google video & Youtube – Please send it to friends – and tell them they can begin to change what they are eating, very easily. Every major food market has a section of wonderful meatless foods, ready to eat meals and dairyless milks, yogurts, and ice treats. Burger King even has a veggie burger. John Robbins of Baskin-Robbins, wrote a book titled “Diet for a New America” telling how he made the change to Vegan – even coming from family of ice cream makers. And to comment on SEVEN, I would be careful being a woman, of having men in your life that would do what they do! Visit an animal sanctuary and hear the stories and I hope you will rethink having men like that in your life.
    Peace, Jo

  45. Alan says:

    SEVEN: You personally KNOW people involved and now you are claiming that they are innocent and the way the media DOCTORED this video shows that they are all guilty. Seven, you sob, are you for real? You really want people to know the WHOLE thing so they can sympathize with your sick friends responsible for the torture? Nothing you say can justify the TORTURE. Skinning, Cutting, Prodding with Electricity, etc, that is TORTURE. That is NOT Necessary. You are saying that NEEDS to be done? FOR WHAT? To show the animals who is the boss? To Set an example so other animals will not REVOLT? Are you INSANE? You know what you are? An uneducated Hill Billy. Vermont, Maine, and all of these Northern U.S. States are like the Carolinas, Georgia, and other Hill Billy states. I suggest you start taking a good look at your own life and determine what is NECESSARY and what is NOT NECESSARY.

  46. Alan says:

    SEVEN: You are a woman? WOW. I hope you don’t VOTE. I can imagine how those “Friends” of yours convinced you that these torture acts were necessary as you can CLEARLY SEE that animal was attacking your dumb Hill Billy friend and your Hill Billy boyfriend who has you convinced that he was defending himself. Get off the Hill Billy C8cks and start thinking for yourself.

  47. Alan says:

    These are the SAME type of men who perhaps would like to commit Acts of Torture and Murder on other Humans but are 1) Not too Smart, and 2) Aware of the law and know they are not clever enough to get away with it. Blood is blood is blood. If they can torture 1 living thing, they can do it to another. These are signs that these sick People are dangerous and need Help! And the only way to help them is to get rid of them PERMANENTLY. The Gene pool will take hundreds of thousands of years to clean up if it happens naturally. The smarter humans should help to speed up the process!

  48. From Montreal says:

    SEVEN. Your comment about CNN Interview etc etc. OK, So lets just say that the Guy with the VIDEO Camera WAS DIRECTING this torture…What does that tell you about the Person actually doing it? IF someone took a video camera and told you to repeatedly kick yourself in the behind until you pass out, would you do it? You are definitely from Vermont…not the brightest people come from where you are. I doubt you have any Post Secondary education either. I think it should be ILLEGAL in your State to NOT have at least a High School Diploma. It should also be ILLEGAL in your state for any school to NOT offer basic Humanity Skills and Courses. Things that your Parents in Vermont don’t teach you. I have been down in these states…Poverty ridden and employment does not require much brains as most jobs are Farm/Slaughter type jobs. I feel sorry for you SEVEN. You really need to RE-THINK your comments. The person(s) doing the Torture should have simply REFUSED even if being provoked. I would not torture an animal if someone waved money and a camera in my face, but in your state I guess that goes. As a woman, you really shouldn’t have any kids. Infact, I am going to call the BANGBUS Crew to ride through your State. And you know what BANG BUS is right? Money and a Camera can get you Hill Billys to do anything immoral and moronic.

  49. Seven says:

    Wow….I never said I was dating any of these men….just they are friends of mine. To attack a state in a whole FROM MONTREAL is wrong. VT has a lot to offer, and you should do your research yourself none of the men in the video live in VT. These men are not about ready to go out and torture or murder any human. I do vote BTW every election…..I am pretty sure now everyone is going to start going after Kosher Killing next on livestock, and attack religious rights.

  50. CC says:

    Seven talks as if these beer bellied idiots ought to be thought of as some sort of hero. She states that they are doing the job that no one wants to do. Clue in seven…they are cruel and disgusting men. I agree with Montreal and Alan on their backwoods mentality. Are you an educated women Seven? Any women with an ounce of self pride and compassion would clearly know to distance herself from such mentally ill men. They were not raised proper and it sickens me to think of their children being raised in the same manner.

  51. olddog1 says:

    This digust me and I think Frank Perrette should go through what these calfs went through. He can play dumd but we all know he new what was going on but all he cared about was the ol mighty dollar. Shame on you Frank. I live in VT and am ashamed that this was going on in our woderful state where most people love and care about our animals. I asume the employees at Bushway are just a bunch of uneducated idiots who couldn’t find a job where you would have to use a brain. Imaging this low life being part of your family. I bet there parents are proud I know I wouldn’t claim them. What a discrace. Loosers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. VermontNana says:

    Disgusting monsters! I’m ashamed to live in the same state with these “good’ole boys”. Shame on them. They probably kick the dog and beat the kids and cheat on the wife. Scum bags!

    No more hot dogs or bologna (ever!!!). No more meat and no more milk! I will not support this industry. I’m glad the Feds are moving in to drive out the illegal aliens too!

    Let the Vermont landscape change… you wanted change? You got it! I’m on board!

  53. VermontNana says:

    Seven doesn’t know what kosher is. She’s an idiot like the fools she wants to protect. You CANNOT SERIOUSLY think the public is dumb enough to listen and think you know what you are talking about.

    Seven? Your IQ? The number of fingers you have left? Maybe you worked in the office… mmmm.

  54. Annette Bryne says:

    G-d help us that we are humans too like the people who could do this. The USDA MUST stop sitting by and watching such atrocities. What these butchers did is so sickening I may never recover.

  55. A.Human says:

    I hope you are arrested for supporting the skinning alive of innocent animals.

  56. A.Human says:

    seven, what a sick loser. wow, you need these animals as friends? Aren’t you disgusted by yourself? How do you live with yourself? I can’t believe anyone would support the unbelieveable sick sadistic brutal intentional cruelty that your boyfriends joyously, happily, and with glee, inflicted on innocent baby animals. wow. nuts.

  57. JJ123 says:

    Hi CC
    When you say “They are one small step away from the child molesters and abusers.” you probably know that people who torture animals like this are just practicing. They later go on to their on true goal–becoming serial killers–this time of humans. So yes you are so right. There is a very long extablished link by which serial killers start their career by torturing animals. If we would only arrest these “people” and the “people” who love and support their criminal minds and throw them in jail, a lot fewer humans would die as well since we would be preventing the inevitable human deaths that follow when these lovely animal serial killers crank up the fun and start killing humans..

  58. JJ123 says:

    my family and i will nevr buy beef or any food from cows ever again. hopefully these monsters will have no place to work ever again. ever ever again. i would not give these, the real animals, a penny for their starving families. i will never ever ever support this industry with a dime. i hope everyone in the US stops buying anything from these killers and that beef becomes a thing of the past. I know I will urge everyone I know. never ever eat this. we are supporting killers. when will they kill us next?

  59. Issis says:

    Like most others on this site, I was appalled and sickened by the hideous cruelty against the most vulnerable of creatures. Veal calves, especially, suffer from the moment they are torn from their mothers, with both mother and calf often crying piteously as they are separated. To further torture and injure, even skin alive, these pitiful, sentient babies is so dispicable that is beyond most people’s comprehension. No amount of rationalizing by Seven or other friends of those in the industry can make what they do right or moral. That said, I hope everyone who is objecting to what they viewed is or will become a vegetarian. All creatures, including the lobsters and crabs boiled alive, suffer when they are killed for food. No one should kid themselves that poultry, beef cows, sheep, lambs or other sentient creatures raised commercially, transported under universally hideous conditions, and often slaughtered with minimal regard for their fear or pain, fair much better than the pitiful creatures depicted in the video. The next time you are tempted to eat a sentient creature, remember this video.

  60. Grace says:

    The reality is most people think that animals are killed humanely for our food. Paul McCartney was right when he said if slaughterhouses were made of glass walls, there would be more vegetarians. People eat meat because they have no clue how animals are being killed and people believe our government wouldn’t let abuse happen. All slaughterhouses and factory farms should be overseen by the humane society to ensure that animals are killed humanely, and at least killed before they are cut up. People who torture and kill animals are monsters. Bushway workers skinned animals while they were still alive. What kind of person does that?

  61. nikki says:

    My own mother told me many times that as a young child there was a sight in our neighborhood that contained a slaughter house. After years of operating the facility was closed down and moved because the children heard the screams and cries of the animals that were hauled in the trucks, yard and inside the plant for slaughtering. They she saw semi-conscious animals on a belt because of the way the facility was made being thrown into big pits of scolding water and screaming as they awoke from being bopped in the head. It apparently was not a pretty sight. My mother is now almost 58 years old and she still remembers how it made her feel. She talks about how the children would be in their classrooms and schoolyard watching the animals being hauled in and the children hollering goodbye to them with waves of sadness and constant talk of what would be happening to that group once they were taken less than 2 blocks away to their deaths. I attended an agricultural high school. I can tell you first hand the cruelty I saw animals endure. Small crates for the young male calves, piglets who we were assigned to take care of for approximately 3-4 months hauled into a truck for slaughter, horses who were deemed a pain in the kisser sent away to slaughtering plants or an auction to most likely be sold to slaughter, cutting off chicken heads so our school could make extra money, etc. The list of what I have experienced first hand can go on. No matter what. The people involved are wrong! Their behavior should not be tolerated. If you cannot do a job right then you should not be involved. If I took my frustrations out on little children who I work with because I had a bad day, just need the money, felt they deserved it, or just because I could, I would be deemed unfit for my position and fired. No if, ands, or buts. I understand that it is their livelihood but do the job with some compassion. It is true they are doing the dirty work that others do not want to do. Slaughter houses are set up in certain areas because no one really wants to see what or how others treat those animals. It is sad but this is what it is people. Until people start caring more for their health and realize that meat pumped full of hormones, the U.S. is making money from this industry and is sold cheap to keep you coming back for more, then nothing will change. Until we stop having the “I’ve got to have it now” attitude then what does anyone expect. You also have to realize that when you are studying the animal sciences, you are taught that these creatures have no real feelings and how you treat them is all normal. You are taught that you are to always be on the side of the agricultural farmer and science. If you feed into this you will seriously believe that what is going on in these facilities is normal and for the good of the animals. I never realized that the cages for the chickens we collected eggs from was cruel or when we kept them in a dark facility that is a form of cruelty because what this does is reset their egg making cycle. I never realized when we would take the milk from the mother cows while pulling their baby calves from them by their tails was wrong and caused the cows stress because they cried for them for at least 4 days or more. I never realized that the baby calves were suffering from diarrhea because their diets were a starved one and keeping them in these tiny dark crates was wrong. There are so many things that I never realized was wrong until I wanted to know more about the industry. In order to totally understand you have to research slaughter house practices from the pioneer years to the present. Don’t just look at the stuff on TV, get down deep about it. I know it will make you cut back if not totally cut out meat from your diet. You would also want to know a little more about the various companies and the many times they have been sighted for violations. As far as never having bruised food well I have had it many times. The bruised parts are situated in the packs a certain way so that you don’t know it is bruised until you are home and taking it out the pack for cooking. So, please do not say that the plants value their animals. They do not!! It is money for them. Gone are the days of the small family farms where animal husbandry was practiced. It is now all factory farming, hull em’ in hull em’ out, I got to make this money, honey!

  62. nikki says:

    Oh yeah, the neighborhood slaughter house was moved because the neighborhood had become upset by what they could see and hear going on along with the stench of blood and carcasses that were thrown out as garbage. They were losing money so they felt compelled to relocate. In that site now stands houses but I wonder if they know what took place on those grounds during the early to mid sixties.

  63. phil says:

    I grew up on a dairy farm in Massachusetts. We were always thrilled when female calf was born- that meant it didn’t need to go for veal. If it was intended to go for veal, while it was at our farm, it was loved and treated well. I hated to see them leave on the veal truck, but I always assumed that they would be killed humanely and quickly. Later in life, I found out about how they keep them in the dark, and keep them malnourished, and anemic, so their meat would be pale and tender. Many are so weak before they are slaughtered, that they can’t stand or walk. I was told even being out in the sun might kill them, because they couldn’t stand the heat. I’m glad I didn’t know this back then- it would have made seeing those little babies going to slaughter a total nightmare each time!
    I haven’t eaten veal in years, because of those hideous practices. However, after seeing the video on HSUS, I was so horrified by the utter cruelty I saw, that I can’t look at a piece of meat without seeing those poor calves, and I haven’t eaten meat since. There’s no excuse to torment and torture an animal before or during it’s slaughter…none. It’s pure sadism on the part of the worker. A calf is weak and easy to move…it doesn’t put up a fight. No electric cattle prods should be used in a veal plant. Calves, if they must be slaughtered, deserve to be treated humanely and killed as quickly and painlessly as possible. Single file..not in a group. The video shows how low some humans can sink to. Disgusting! I hope they and the cowardly USDA worker, get jail time!

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