Repellents Useless on Swarms of Aphids that Plague Minnesota Residents

MINNEAPOLIS, Sept. 17 (UPI) — University of Minnesota Extension entomologist Jeff Hahn says the swarms of aphids plaguing parts of Minnesota are harmless yet annoying insects.

Hahn said while residents of Minneapolis and other Minnesota locales have endured the insects landing on their clothes and various body parts, the plant-eating insects are not disease carriers, the Minneapolis Star Tribune reported Thursday.

Hahn also said using insect repellent to dissuade the aphids from landing on state residents will prove fruitless since the insects’ seeming attraction to humans is simply accidental.

“Repellent is for insects that are zeroing in on animals,” the entomologist said. “Aphids are just running into us by pure chance.”

Jason Lehmkuhle, who found several of the insects on him during last Sunday’s City of Lakes run, said a pair of sunglasses should be helpful when dealing with the small bugs.

“The hidden benefit to wearing sunglasses this time of year in Minnesota is not to keep the sun out of your eyes, but to keep the bugs out,” he told the Star Tribune.

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