21 Accused Cockfighters Face Prison Time and Fines in South Carolina

SWANSEA, S.C., Nov. 5 (UPI) — A 13-month investigation has led to the indictment of 21 people for allegedly participating in cockfighting in South Carolina, court records indicate.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture, the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources and the Internal Revenue Service cooperated in the investigation of cockfighting derbies in Lexington and Williamsburg counties, The (Columbia, S.C.) State newspaper reported Thursday.

The suspects face prison terms of five years and fines of $250,000, the newspaper said.

They were charged Tuesday with operating an illegal gambling business, operating an unlawful animal fighting venture and conspiring to violate the Animal Welfare Act.

Undercover officers said they witnessed cockfighting derbies in which birds had sharp weapons or tools attached to their legs, with cash prizes going to participants whose roosters win the most fights. Investigators said they saw dead birds being discarded in 55-gallon drums, the newspaper said.

The largest derbies were held on a 50-acre farm in Swansea, court records indicated.

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  1. leon brock says:

    How can you charge someone with a crime without catching them in the act. Look out America there goes your rights. Next it will be your hunting rights then you can kiss your guns goodbye. We have sat by on our butts and lost the count.Years ago we fought the legislation to make cockfighting neutral,like Virginia was.We didnt want the gov. to have their hands in it at all.That was one of our big mistakes.i wish a million times that they would have taxed us with a 1099 form.We would still be operating today.If the gov.could have gotten their share they would have kept it quiet and the press wouldnt have all the bits and pieces they need to tell the public what they think, right or wrong. If this bill gets signed into law,mark my word,you will see cockfighting take a turn to the dark side.people from the lower walks of life will start fighting in the woods and backyards.Without cocking being supervised and cockers being treated fair you willsee more fights, robberies and killing than before. I have been in this sport for40 years and not seen one shooting. I have seen my share of arguements but was always controlled by the pit owner.People knew if they were barred from that pit they couldnt come back. This meant a great deal for a man who has two years invested in his cocks not to be able to watch them fight. You will see illegal immigrates from other countries take over cockfighting and let the drugs and killing begin.If they are caught they just go back home for a couple of months and return as someone else.


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