95 Pound Blue Catfish Caught in Ohio's Lake Isabella

LOVELAND, Ohio, Nov. 11 (UPI) — An Ohio man landed a 95-pound blue catfish in Lake Isabella, a park district record and only one pound less than the state record holder, park officials said.

Lake Isabella Harbor Manager Harry Scott said the massive catfish, which he weighed twice for accuracy, dwarfs the previous largest catch in Hamilton County Park District’s history, a 50-pound blue catfish, and weighs in at only one pound under the 96-pound state record, the Cincinnati Enquirer reported Wednesday.

“I’ve never seen anything this big in my whole life, and I’ve seen lots of fish,” Scott said. “I had them take it out of the basket the first time and do it again because I can’t believe what I’d just seen.”

The fish was caught Saturday by Dwight Kidwell Jr., 26.

“I was only there for about 35 minutes and I hooked it,” he said. He said the fish fought him for another 35 to 40 minutes before he was able to pull it from the water.

The fish was released back into the water after its weighing.

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  1. jim morris says:

    Saw pictures of fish judging by the boards fish is laying on the fish is about 43 inches long. For that fish to be 95 pounds it would have a girth of over 40″. My point is: No Way


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