350 Unique Species Found in Himilayas Threatened

In the past decade, more than 350 new animal species have been found to inhabit regions of the Himilayan Mountains. Sadly, wildlife researchers caution that climate change and urban development threaten the diverse habitat that supports these species.

The World Wildlife Federation is calling on Nepal, India, Mynamar, Tibet and Bhutan to create conservation plans to help preserve the region. Specificaly, the WWF urges local governments to preserve vital wetlands, grasslands and forests that support the many unique animal species.

A Glimpse at Threatened Species
Many news and media outlets have paid particular attention to a few key species because of their unique nature and appearance. Of the threatened, the muntiacus putaoensis, commonly seen as the world’s oldest and smallest deer, has received the most notoriety.

The miniature muntjac, pictured at right is well known in northern areas of Mynamar.

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