Dioxin Contamination Forces Shutdown of 4,700 German Farms

The discovery of the poisonous chemical dioxin in animal feed has shut down thousands of farms across Germany, the agriculture minister said on Thursday.

Officials said the tainted feed affected 4,700 farms, primarily pig operations in the Lower Saxony region, the BBC reported Friday.

Last week, over 1,000 German farms were banned from selling egg products after the cancer-causing chemical was found in chicken feed, msnbc.com said.

Officials also ordered more than 8,000 chickens culled Monday in western Germany.

The contamination was traced to a German supplier that accidentally distributed some 3,300 tons of contaminated oils intended for bio-fuels.

Although the dioxin in samples exceeded allowed levels, German officials said the amount didn’t pose a health risk to humans and that the closure of the additional 4,700 farms was a precaution, according to the BBC.

According to UPI, the scare has prompted South Korea to issue a ban on German imports of pork and poultry.

The European Union warned that dioxin had entered the U.K. in processed food products, the BBC said.

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